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Architecture of TROIA

caniasERP system is based on 3+ tier architecture in which client, application server and data warehouse layers are separated. All business logic operations and computations are done by the application server layer and client layer is only responsible for the presentation of the application to the end user. This approach has many advantages such as improved performance, maintainability, reliability, and scalability. Beyond this user-friendly approach, we also make it a priority to offer you a secure product.

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High performance and high availability with linearly scalable architecture.

Theoretically, any number of application servers working in cooperation with each other can work in parallel. With the help of the load balancer in the structure of the platform, users can be directed to the most suitable servers by taking into account the instant load distribution or various parameters. All applications developed using the TROIA Platform can serve one or thousands of users on this scalable structure without a significant performance difference. Load balancing also enables different kind of high availability and disaster recovery scenarios.

Platform independent on server and client basis

Application server layer is compatible with all server operating systems (Linux, Windows, Unix, OS400 …) and all kind of server hardware (x86, x64, RISC, ARM …). All virtualization platforms are also supported.

Client layer can also run on almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and mobile operating systems via various internet browsers such as Chrome and Safari. All applications written on caniasERP and TROIA platform can run on all systems supported by the platform without the need for an additional process.

It is compatible with all common relational database systems.

All applications on the platform are compatible with all frequently used database systems such as iasDB, MsSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and all other database systems that can be accessed with the JDBC interface without need for any development or compile operation.

Security matters

This architecture helps the system administrators to isolate the database and the application servers from untrusted networks easily. The proprietary communication protocol between client and server decreases the risk of threats. Also, 128 bit end-to-end encryption is supported for client-server communication. Secure authentication methods like OTP (One Time Password), smart cards are also applicable to the system.

Easy Installation, Management and Monitoring

System setup and update processes can be carried out with simple file copying operations or can be automated according to the need. Management and monitoring tools come ready-made with the TROIA platform and are in parallel with the other components of the system. Even, thanks to the various system functions, existing vehicles can be adapted and new ones developed using the TROIA language.

High efficiency

Best performance thanks to three-level architecture

Canias technologies

Advanced development platform TROIA and its features

Easy to learn with less technical details

Employees without a software and computer engineering background can learn the system quickly.

Rapid development and maintenance

Developers can carry out development and maintenance jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Subsystems and structures included

Largely eliminates the need for third party systems and programming languages.

Easy to integrate in various systems

Easy integration of automation systems, mail servers, telephone exchanges or FTP servers.

Development without the need to recompile

There is no need to translate the written system to run or edit existing applications

Developments in accordance with updates

Even with a newly released system, all applications written on it stay executable.

A variety of infrastructures available

Enables and offers support for language, time zones and other localization features

Standard code adaptability without the need for change

Availability to allow for customer specific cross structure instead of a standard class

A single development environment which offers you the most flexibility; that is TROIA!

What is TROIA?

TROIA is an enterprise software development and runtime platform with open source codes. TROIA’s flexible, advanced, and advantageous structure gives the customers an important source to develop their own system according to their needs with full functionality.

TROIA is the main development platform of caniasERP and all other advanced Canias technologies. TROIA has a unique and easy structure which makes it very easy for all users to learn and start operating quickly.
4th generation, object oriented programming language.
It includes compiler and interpreter, Integrated Development Environment(IDE), application server, clients and other middlewares.
You do not need to be an expert or a software developer to use TROIA
It is an adjustable platform for technological developments.
Fast and cost effective
Easy to learn and use
Has open source code for its customers
Has wide integration opportunities
It is a unique platform for all business processes.
It is possible to manage all the areas of software development life cycle
What else about TROIA?
It supports multi-language by design,
It supports multi-company and multi-holding by design,
Easy for localization and customization,
Easy to generate any reports,
Mobility options,
It has sophisticated and user-firendly IDE,
Easy deployment,
It has integrated SW, debugger and trace tools,
It has integrated performance profiler,
Time zone management,
Instant messaging is avaliable,
It has Robotic Process Automation(RPA) fetaures.
Platform independent infrastructure

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