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Information Security Management System Policy

Alongside its qualified workforce, IAS offers reliable solutions and services to meet the needs of its customers on international standards with the aim to develop continuously.
In line with these objectives IAS has adopted a tansparent and efficient Information Security Management System Policy, which provides protection of all IAS’ assets as well as management of these to serve for the mission, vision and strategy of the organization and satisfaction of our customers.
Principles of our policy are;

To identify information assets, to analyze and to define their risks and to effectively manage them,
To achieve the objectives of the Information Security Management System, monitor and improve its performance continuously,
To protect information assets against all kinds of threats that may occur knowingly or unknowingly, from inside or outside, and to ensure the "confidentiality, integrity and accessibility" of information,
To comply with all laws, legal regulations, instructions and procedures that we are responsible for,
To continuously improve the system by following technological innovations and developments in the field of Information Security Management Systems,
To be able to intervene in information security incidents that may occur and have the competence to minimize the impact of such events,

Being aware of the fact that “knowledge” is the most valuable asset to achieve these goals, IAS has committed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets under ISO 27001:2013 discipline.

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Quality Management System Policy

IAS aims to maximize customer satisfaction with a strategic planning approach by following legal conditions and emerging technologies as well as receiving feedback from our customers about our products and services, which we regard as our most important development tool for the company. All of our employees contribute to the sustainability and continuous improvement of our quality management systems. Our operational processes are reviewed with a continuous improvement approach and achieved with participation of all our employees. Our quality policy is shared with all our employees and stakeholders and encouraged to be improved, with current validity and suitability methods being monitored. Every activity that affects the quality of our products and services is carried out in accordance with the framework and principles of the ISO9001: 2015 standard. Each department is responsible for maintaining and improving this system in their respective field of activity. The Quality System Manager is responsible for auditing the Quality Management System and all execution of activities in accordance with the requirements of this standard. Our quality management system works with objectives and targets and our most valuable assets in achieving these targets are our employees, our customers and our customer satisfaction measures.

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