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  • Industry 4.0: In the smart factory process, comprehensive IoT tools and big data are your most powerful allies.
  • Full transparency: Analysis and reporting in real time to check and identify potential.   
  • Quality control: Comprehensive quality control processes, including analysis reports, are implemented throughout the value chain.  
  • Process orientation: Processes special to the industry to improve efficiency and machine utilization.
  • Traceability: Ensuring traceability by producing in batches with raw materials.
  • Flexibility: In all projects, canias4.0 provides maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Defense and Aviation Industry
You need a digital solution that smoothly meets the needs of the Defense and Aerospace Industry, which occupies a significant position for countries! We understand your industry-specific needs well and offer solutions tailored to you and your industry. With our experience of over 30 years and our flexible and fast structure, we help you manage your business processes efficiently. The holistic solutions offered through canias4.0 have fully integrated modules that provide practical solutions for quality management in the defense industry, supporting you in meeting quality requirements.

We have a good understanding of industry-specific needs:
•    Project Management
•    Quality Management
•    Risk Management
•    Change Management
•    Feasibility
•    Outsourcing Processes
•    Business Processes
•    Document Management
•    Authorizations

Come and meet your business needs with an industry-specific enterprise solution!

We understand your needs
We provide industry-specific solutions

While guiding its customers' digital transformation journeys for the past 30 years, canias4.0 learned from their needs. Due to our many years of experience, we are well-versed in the defense industry and can provide precise solutions tailored to their specific requirements. caniasERP, the enterprise resource planning software offered with canias4.0, was meticulously designed to meet all industry-independent needs by carefully examining the basic needs of companies.  With its fully integrated structure, the basic modules in the software's standard allow companies to successfully manage all their processes from order requests to delivery. The defense industry and all companies carrying out business in this sector can use caniasERP to manage all business processes and move their company forward by increasing efficiency. Companies in the defense industry can manage their B2B and B2C processes without the need for a third-party application thanks to the holistic solutions provided by canias4.0, the fully integrated modules of caniasERP, and their webclient and portal structure. caniasERP also offers significant benefits to users in terms of traceability and capacity management, two of the industry's most pressing needs.  The management of demand forecasting and rough capacity planning, which is especially essential for companies producing parts for the defense industry, is a simple task that caniasERP can easily solve. The operations offered by canias4.0 such as EDI messages, pricing policies, return invoices, barcode and handheld terminal applications, automation solutions, kiosk production panel control, by-product concept in production, MRP, and supplier deadline agreements, and production intelligence/reporting screens was created by experienced professionals to provide the most effective solutions to the needs of the defense industry.

Experience and Knowledge  
These features were created specifically for you. The enterprise resource planning software, caniasERP, offered with canias4.0, was created to meet the needs of all businesses, regardless of industry.  Furthermore, as a result of many years of experience and successful projects, specific needs for each sector have been identified, and sector-specific solutions have been added to the standard software. Companies in the defense and aviation industry can manage their business processes more efficiently with these applications, which we provide as part of the caniasERP standard.  Let's take a look at a few of our solutions that are specified to the needs of your industry!

Project Management
Manage your projects effectively. “Project-based” jobs and procedures in the defense industry are much more efficiently run with the Project Management module offered by Canias4.0. You can devise your projects using work breakdown structures (WBS) and operations and schedule your project using the Gantt configuration. You can view estimated and actual costs and make comparisons against your budget. You can also implement Risk Management applications for the risks associated with your project, and keep track of your to-do list and record and track any work done as part of the project. It is possible to manage all these via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, using Mobile Project Management applications.
Quality Processes
Meet the requirements of AS9100 Quality Management System, a quality management standard devised for the Aviation and Defense Industry, with canias4.0. canias4.0 facilitates NCR (Non-Conformance Report) Processes, Quality Plans that include the quality criteria for use in the incoming quality control and operational quality control procedures, Quality Objectives Monitoring, Corrective Activities, the FAI process, FMEA (Failure mode and effects) process, Supplier assessment, Calibration device monitoring, Inventory incoming quality control, and operational quality control processes.

Corporate and Operational Risk Management
Manage risks! Risk management is a significant topic in the Defense and Aerospace Industry. The Risk Management Module within canias4.0 facilitates your corporate risk and operational risk management processes. After you identify risks and assign associated responsibilities to relevant people, you can assess your risks using methods such as Brain Storming, Scenario Analysis, Causal Factor Tree Analysis, and Fault Effect Analysis. You can manage your audit activities and identify the risks that are revealed in audits. Once you determine the method you will use for risk control (Avoidance, Retention, Spreading, and Transfer), take relevant actions to eliminate or minimize risks.

Engineering Change Management
Change is an essential part of the product development cycle. Changes and change processes that can be repeated within the company visibility and trackability constitute the primary factor in the success of this cycle. Engineering Change Management (ECM) provides retrospective trackability to understand the changes occurring as the product develops further and the decisions that evolve over time. Thanks to our application, which allows you to manage changes in your materials, product trees, and route on the system, you can keep track of the causes of change, the things that changed, and the people who implemented the changes. You can also ensure that such changes are subject to approval by relevant departments through approval processes. Thus, you can fully manage the changes, which are inevitable due to the nature of the business, at the right time and place.

Feasibility Analysis
Decide whether you will start a project or not by addressing all the information you need systematically with the help of our applications. Once you receive the comments and approvals associated with production, planning, purchasing, quality, and the top management, you can manage the feasibility with details such as total cost and profitability. Thus, you can question the feasibility of a project or business idea through pre-assessments and see if it is executable, achievable, logical, and performable based on actual data.

Outsourcing Management
Manage the specific processes frequently encountered in the defense industry using our outsourcing management applications. You can ship materials to suppliers, tack the materials sent for outsourcing, purchase materials and services from suppliers, and manage the quality control processes of incoming materials. You can manage the transactions associated with sending and receiving materials in integration with e-transformation applications.
With the Supplier Portal application, you can allow suppliers to connect to your system, respond to price offers, and monitor information about shipments, invoices, and payments in real time via the system.
While doing all this, you can ensure full trackability, which stands as a significant topic in the defense industry, through our document tracking function.

Business Processes Management
Design your business processes by leveraging our strong BPM (Business processes management) structure. You can define your business processes in the defense industry by using images, set up approval mechanisms, inform relevant departments or people about notifications, and make decisions about your process through voting among the assigned personnel. You can easily manage your approvals for many topics, such as Quality Control, NCR, quotes, and feasibility, on the system with BPM. Defense industry business processes that are managed via Canias4.0 are much more practical and faster, helping you save time.

Document Management
You can securely store and easily access your documents within Canias4.0. You can manage your documents digitally by using standard features, such as document revision, archiving, encryption, document linking, and searching by labels. You can track the technical documents associated with offers and save the reports created automatically based on quality testing results on the system. You can manage the documents in your internal quality processes with version/revision tracking on the system and allow access to only the approved final version when needed. This makes document management, which has gained more importance in the defense industry, more secure and organized.  

Authorizations are another primary topic in the defense industry. Our infrastructure, which enables users to perform actions on the system based on their authorizations, ensures security and convenience on your part. You can perform authorizations based on modules and/or applications run under them and go into more detail, such as restricting some features or denying access within the application. You can perform all these authorizations in a role-based manner, individually, or for a specific user group. Thus, you can ensure data security and privacy as all users in the system will perform transactions within the limits of their authorization. You can save the areas you identified with encryption and allow authorized people to access those data only.

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