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•    Ready-Mix Concrete Design
•    Orders with Pre-Planned Shipment
•    Scale Platform Integration
•    Concrete Plant Automation System Integration

•    Aggregate Tests
•    Detailed Maintenance Management
•    Detailed Cost Management and Profitability Analyses

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – Concrete Industry

Ready-Mix Concrete Design

In the ready-mix concrete industry, the mixture content demanded by each customer varies depending on their specific needs. Industry-specific applications have been developed for the ready-mix concrete industry to facilitate mixture designs. Such applications enable users to calculate decisions such as how much of which size aggregates are needed or the amount of water required using defined formulas. Additionally, many details, such as the estimated amount of fiber, mine cinder, fly ash, or micro silica for use in the mixture design can be established. Information about the mixture designs created this way is recorded on the system and stored for future use when needed by the associated customers. The system can also store the detailed history of these designs. The reasons for the changes made in these designs, along with their timing and makers are also recorded.

Orders with Pre-Planned Shipment

In the ready-mix concrete industry, shipping the products at the right time and under the right conditions is as important as the production process itself. Even in the ordering phase, it is possible to plan the shipment and organize the details concerning the pumping and mixing equipment if needed.  

Scale Platform Integration
As in every industry, real-time stock monitoring with the proper controls is essential in the ready-mix concrete industry. The digital data integration with scale platforms enables instant weighing of the mixing equipment before and after filling. All weighing results are stored on the system to ensure shipment in correct amounts.  

Concrete Plant Automation System Integration
The canias4.0 system enables immediate data interchange with concrete plant automation systems through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module. Dual data communications ensure full synchronization. The instantly received data from the automation system automatically updates the data in your ERP system, enabling you to monitor all data, real-time production amounts, and the current status of plants via the canias4.0 system cockpit screens. These data are also transformed into production intelligence data, continuously feeding the end-user with production and resource efficiency reports.

Aggregate Tests
One of the most significant consumables in ready-mix concrete production is aggregates. canias4.0 offers industry-specific displays for this item. These enable producers to specify many aggregate properties including particle density, water sorption capacity measurements, and acid-soluble chloride and sulfate rates.

Detailed Maintenance Management

To ensure that the tools and equipment used in the ready-mix concrete industry run smoothly, performing periodic maintenance checks and monitoring their fault status are essential. These can be managed with the canias4.0 Maintenance Management (MNT) module. The MNT module allows timely planning of future maintenance to maximize equipment efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential for businesses to enable time savings and efficient resource utilization.

Detailed Cost Management and Profitability Analyses

Regardless of the industry, the ultimate goal of all businesses using integrated ERP systems is to perform cost analyses calculated with actual values and monitor stability analyses with accurate values. Product recipes in the ready-mix concrete industry may vary, and the actual cost of production needs to be calculated accurately for each recipe. The effort dedicated to the quality control phase in the production process must also be considered a factor in cost calculation. If a business performs equipment maintenance with in-house maintenance teams, the efforts made for maintenance operations also impact costs. The canias4.0 modules Inventory Cost Management (INC), Standard Cost Management (CAL), Production Cost Management (PRC), and Cost Center Accounting (COS), and their robust integration with other modules, enable companies to calculate their costs using actual values and view their stability targets based on projects, customers, orders, and shipments.


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