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• Immediate resolution of quality issues with full traceability  

• Error-free measurements with scale integration

• Recording of all audits with Quality Management

• Traceability and accurate determinations in customer complaint management

• Customer service is taken to the next level with integrated CRM

• Catalog Management allows dealers to open and approve online orders through the portal.

• Simple solution with pre-built solutions and integrations for B2B processes 

• Performance evaluation and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) rates for handmade productions

• Product variants (pattern, dimensions, color palette, finish form, floor & border colors, and overlock colors)

• Made-to-order inventory management. The order can be successfully matched with the customer by the system.

• For special products such as handmade carpets, the system provides both technical specifications and customer order details on the final product's batch number and serial number.

• Online pattern design archiving, including assortment, color digital codes, and digital images.

• A variety of sales channels, including export, distributors, home office sales, e-commerce, and retail sales.

• Customer-specific order screens with model, size, and pallet combinations information

• For home-office sales channels, a direct-to-stock production option

• Effective tracking of pile, jute, etc. materials according to production orders

• The carpet pile height, error controls (average, lot difference), fringe extension, and other materials tracking quality control criteria specific to the industry

• External dyeing, wrapping, engraving, or leather binding processes

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – Carpet Industry

With 30 years of global market experience, canias4.0 has guided its customers' digital transformation journeys while learning from their needs. We understand the carpet industry well through our many years of experience, and we provide an industry solution that is tailored to their specific requirements. 
We are aware! From pattern design to production, quality control, labeling, and warehouse management, the carpet industry has unique requirements. Here are a few examples of solutions we have created specifically for your industry: 

Contract Management  
In canias4.0 sales management, the 'Prepaid Contract' concept provides convenience to the management of contracts made with customers based on prepayment and conditions. The system automatically follows the contract tracking from the old to the new due to the structure, also known as connection management. When a contract's expiration date approaches, the system sends you a notification and activates an auto-control mechanism. 

Order Management
The variety of products and the details that must be entered in orders received in the carpet sector are extensive. canias4.0's Order Management application, designed specifically for the carpet industry, allows for quick and easy entry. Matrixes can be easily created by selecting the product's features. As a result, it is possible to concentrate more clearly on customer relations. Order entries facilitate data transfers from a variety of environments, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the customer's personal information, such as order number, pattern definition, color definitions, and label designs, is recorded alongside the order.

Pattern, Size and Color/Creel Management
While design teams' pattern information can be loaded using simple methods such as drag and drop, the amount of color yarn required in uploaded pattern files is calculated using the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module. Pattern designs in various sizes can be easily managed, as can roll carpet production and cutting.  Pattern images that have been uploaded are displayed on the order and production screens, and incorrect operations are prevented. Pallet management organizes color and yarn information, which is combined with loom creel information, and production consumption is calculated automatically.

Because of the wide range of products and the number of details that must be planned, the carpet industry's production planning processes can become unmanageable using standard methods. Material requirement planning is automated with canias4.0; the user only needs to choose a supplier for purchases. Havlanset, looplanset, jute yarns, weft and warp yarns are all calculated automatically while material requirements are being planned. Furthermore, while future workloads are managed with rough capacity planning, the advanced scheduling module allows for detailed planning. Open orders can be planned according to the loom path definitions using the planning tools developed specifically for the canias4.0 carpet industry solution. 

Orders and plans are transferred, and labels are printed automatically based on post-production route and sequence information, thanks to the bench integration. Label definitions such as customer special, order special, quality special, and country special can be made with label management, and automatic label printing can be provided according to system definitions at the point where the label will be printed. Operators can only see the information they need and give approvals with the information they need to enter with screen designs suitable for special processes such as garment, cutting, and overlock in production. Outgoing and incoming materials, subcontractor burdens, and label printing for products produced and delivered through the supplier portal can all be tracked in contract management. 

Logistics Management 
Orders are sent to the warehouse to be loaded, barcodes are read with mobile hand terminals, and the correct products are loaded onto the appropriate shipping vehicles. Customer requests can be customized for external label management, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Products are stocked according to importance and priorities with smart warehouse management systems, and pallet-container management allows for much faster and easier transactions. As a result, warehouse efficiency improves, and shipment loads are more easily managed, allowing for faster and error-free shipments to customers. 

Score calculation
The performance of the employees can be measured using the data collected from production. You can reflect a premium on the payrolls of your employees who are productive and profitable for the company based on these measurements, increasing employee and company motivation. Satisfied employees, satisfied companies, satisfied customers, and better profitability. 

Our Industry-Specific caniasERP Module: CRP
With the experience we have gained from the sectors we specialize in, caniasERP has sector-specific solutions shaped by standard software with more than 30 years of IAS experience. You can easily manage your processes thanks to the caniasERP Carpet Module (CRP), which was created with the carpet industry's needs in mind! Starting with the design, the CRP module advances your production process by tracking pattern revisions and providing customer-pattern-region control. By minimizing the margin of error, you can solve the mega pallet structure, which is known to be difficult to manage in the carpet industry, and as a result, you can detect the correct color of the leaf and the correct yarn by reading pixels. During the process, you can also calculate all consumption calculations and costs. 
In carpet orders, there may be requests in diverse ways according to the cloth label, banderole, edge type, bone, web type, and wrapping style of the carpet. With the CRP module, you can easily manage such processes in your various orders from customers in a professional and error-free manner. The CRP module, which is integrated with the weaving machine, exchanges data and communicates with it. As a result, productional tracking becomes easier.
Thanks to special operation screens like fence pre-shaving, finishing, automation, label, air table, overlock, and packaging, you can make employees' tasks easier and prevent potential errors by detecting them in advance with the CRP module. It enables you to easily classify and separate carpets such as crippled, second quality, and end of series, allowing for efficient warehouse management. You can make accurate calculations quickly and easily with the CRP module weft payroll application, and you can calculate employee payroll data in a healthy way. In addition to all of this, the caniasERP CRP module allows you to store carpets in the system with Ean codes and Ean codes of customers, record the customer's order information, and then easily access and follow standard customer orders.

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