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•  Raw material supply and follow-up, including outsourced processes.

•  You can accurately analyze prices at automotive subsidiaries and monitor major automotive companies' price variables.  

•  Price differences emerge as a result of price changes implemented by major automobile manufacturers.  These are configured within the canias4.0 system and allow you to quickly generate return-of-value invoices.  

•  You can track your orders using the EDI protocol, which allows for effective raw material supply and inventory management. 

•  It is compatible with the Statistical Process Control Methodology.  

•  Completely compatible with the JIT approach. You have ready access to the materials you require when and where you need them!

•  Kanban methods in production allow for more efficient use of space in the field while also lowering stock costs by maintaining an optimal stock level. 

•  Through barcode applications, you can monitor all your materials in your processes using advanced tracing.

•  It provides adaptable, customizable reporting tools to help you make better, faster, and more accurate decisions. 

•  You can have your sales orders delivered to you automatically.

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – Automotive Industry

The enterprise resource planning software, caniasERP, offered with canias4.0, was created to meet the needs of all businesses, regardless of industry.  Furthermore, as a result of many years of experience and successful projects, specific needs for each sector have been identified, and sector-specific solutions have been added to the standard software. Companies in the automotive industry can manage their business processes more efficiently with these applications, which we provide as part of the caniasERP standard. Let's take a look at a few of our solutions that are specified to the needs of your industry!

Full integration with EDI for customers and dealers

Orders generated on a daily or hourly basis by finalizing the customer's demand forecasts are automatically transferred to the canias4.0 system via the EDI module. Incoming instantaneous data is sent to planning.The EDI module also makes it simple to send the shipping information that the major automotive manufacturers expect from OEM manufacturers. In bilateral integrations, globally accepted protocols such as EDIFACT, ODETTA, and VDA are offered as a standard.

Effective price policy management

caniasERP offers four different types of definitive pricing policies: Product and customer, product, and price list (customer group), product price group (product group), and customer, product (dynamic and customer). Furthermore, the software includes the option of pricing based on the customer delivery location or delivery address. 

Management of return and difference invoices

Return invoices can also be easily tracked with caniasERP. Transactions, such as calculating the sales prices determined by the main producers in the coming months over previous invoices, difference invoices calculated by the customer, and difference invoices calculated by the suppliers can be easily performed.

Warehouse management using a barcode and a handset

Materials can be easily tracked using barcode and handset applications. Many barcode formats are available as standard, including kod39, kod128, ean128, square barcode, and QR barcode. Location, material (raw material, semi-finished product, product), the order to pick and place, and waybill can all be used to generate barcodes. Furthermore, thanks to mobile management applications for production and warehouses, information can be quickly collected from the field by reading barcodes from handsets.Traceability, which is a critical point in the automotive industry, is efficiently managed with barcode and lot tracking.You can carry out error-free shipments with barcode management for your customers who are awaiting JIT compliance and avoid the cost of poor quality.

IoT Solutions

With canias4.0, we provide comprehensive solutions to your technology needs. Kiosk production panels can be directly communicated using our automation product, which is fully integrated with caniasERP. Objects send production and malfunction notifications to canias4.0 IoT. This data is also used in predictive maintenance and total productive maintenance processes, which helps to reduce unplanned stances. Just in case I forget! Even if you do not use the canias4.0 IoT structure, you can use kiosk panels to provide data from operators in the field with the least amount of movement. 

Detailed cost management of byproducts 

The 'by-product concept in production' provided by caniasERP is used to support the right-handed part concept formed during injection, to return the parts to be recycled in scrapping to the warehouse, and to store the parts that come out during production and include them in the following production processes.

Management of Supplier Relationships 

Purchase requests generated by MRP can be converted directly into orders and sent to approved and contracted suppliers via EDI. You can use the supplier portal to track your suppliers' open orders, print your company's label before shipment, upload shipment information, and improve the efficiency of your goods acceptance processes. 

Management of production intelligence 

Many reporting operations such as production cockpit, OEE, downtime report, fire report, rework report, operation metrics, by-product usage, and shift/personnel reports are possible with the caniasERP Production Intelligence (PRI) module.

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