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Maintenance Management

caniasERP Maintenance Management (MNT) module is tasked to ensure that the plants and technical systems continue to function at their intended functional capability or to reactivate them if they are disabled.  Preventing system outages and prolonging machine uptime will ensure a secure workflow and efficient operation of maintenance work. Companies can guarantee their work security with this module.

Periodic maintenance

The Maintenance Management module allows companies to easily monitor maintenance plans. Performing periodic maintenance works to maintain the functional integrity of the companies' technical systems requires having a careful follow-up process in place. The devices and systems used for maintenance are defined as maintenance objects and their updated records are kept in the module. Maintenance methods can be determined for each maintenance object and the necessary definitions can be made with the Routing Management module. Additionally, the machine type and periodic maintenance interval data are stored in the Base Data Management module and the serial number is saved in the Maintenance Management module. With these records, maintenance plans are created according to the data defined in the system for each serial number. The planning process for maintenance can be done by the user as well as set to be automatically done in regular periods and takes place automatically according to the type and period of the periodic control to be made. The planned time is then saved as a maintenance plan.

Repairs during failure

Failure to respond to unexpected situations, such as system failures, can cause financial losses to companies. To avoid downtime while fixing or replacing, companies need to take quick action. In the repairs performed after a failure, the Maintenance Management module records failure messages and works done to repair the technical problem in the system. Thus, a maintenance order is created based on the information registered on what needs to be performed. This fast-moving process provides companies with information on the time needed and spare parts that have to be ordered.

Maintenance confirmations

Once a maintenance order has been executed, a confirmation for the applied procedure is given. In this way, details such as periodic maintenance or repair of which maintenance object is applied including how much time it took to repair and if any spare parts were used would also be recorded in the system.

Procurement of spare parts

With the caniasERP system, companies can easily perform complex processes such as maintenance, spare part procurement, and stock management.  When a maintenance order is initiated for periodic maintenance or a failure, the system can be used to identify and plan materials such as spare parts required to fulfill a certain order. With its successful integration to other modules, the Maintenance Management module offers you fast solutions. All spare parts that would be considered for a maintenance object are saved in the Bill of Materials Management module. The used components are taken out of stock automatically or manually according to the user's preference through the Inventory Management module during approval. With the Material Requirements Planning module, the procurement processes of the missing parts required for maintenance or repair work can be created automatically. This procurement process is carried out by the Purchase Management module or Production Management module. When the purchased parts are delivered, they are saved in the Inventory Management module as the available stock with the receipt of the goods and used for the necessary maintenance.

Evaluation and analysis

All available information collected for maintenance purposes is used as the basis for the more systematic execution of future maintenance plans. With a variety of assessments made through the Maintenance Management module, companies could monitor the maintenance of their technical systems to secure their workflows in a timely manner. Various analyses can be performed with confirmations from maintenance and repair orders and base data taken from periodic checklists. These analytics contain information on complaints and maintenance work that occurred. Such assessments provide companies with reports on reasons, solutions and time and money spent on maintenance work. In addition, the integration of the module with the Production Cost Management module allows the final costs of maintenance and repair work to be performed to help control costs.


Users don’t need the interface to link modules between the caniasERP software, which works flawlessly with all the different modules. Thus, the data is kept up to date and the processes required for the maintenance service are started automatically. The information stored in the Bill of Materials Management, Routing Management, and Base Data Management modules creates a base of data for the creation of maintenance plans. Maintenance plans and maintenance orders are created and executed through the Material Requirements Planning and Maintenance Management modules. The procurement process of the required spare parts is also carried out with the help of the Materials Requirements Planning, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, and Production Management modules. It is vital that preventive maintenance work is carried out in order to keep the technical systems working at a high-performance level for a long time.

Features overview

  • Maintenance component arrangement (Machines and systems)
  • Creating periodic maintenance plans
  • System recommendations for upcoming maintenance plans
  • Creating and processing periodic maintenance orders 
  • Inspection of maintenance and repair work according to capacities
  • Failure Management in place
  • Chronological maintenance lists
  • Checklists for information on the status of maintenance plans
  • Calculation of maintenance costs
  • Various analyses for maintenance orders and maintenance approvals
  • Complete integration into the overall system

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