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Issue Management

The caniasERP Issue Management (ISM) module ensures that customer satisfaction and suggestions as well as customer complaints are categorized and kept in a single information pool. Thanks to this module, all complaints, suggestions and satisfaction feedbacks can be tracked and necessary actions can be taken. 

The "past" feature of the module provides information about the entire communication process involving the relevant customers or the contact persons.

Operational Structure

In the Issue Management module, a document, photo and similar documents regarding the complaint, satisfaction or suggestion to be reported can be directly added to the relevant record.

With the issue management module, if there is a material subject to the problem for which feedback is made, it is possible to specify for which material this feedback is made. While doing this, the material subject to the complaint can be selected directly, and it is also possible to associate the sales document for the customer with the complaint record. Thus, more effective results are obtained by seeing which order the complaint, suggestion or satisfaction notification is associated with. When the feedback linked to the result is resolved, the status of the record can be closed. In addition to these, as soon as the complaint records opened for a customer are created, an action record is created in the Customer Relations Management module, either manually or automatically. Each record created is viewed under the relevant customer's action records in the Customer Relationship Management module. Such an integrated structure with the Customer Relationship Management module accelerates the resolution of problems. 

In addition to these, feedback records can be opened for prospective customers as well as customers.


Countless information flows to the system every day with customer issues received via communication tools such as e-mails, phone calls, faxes, letters and short messages. The data and documents created in this way are stored centrally on the system thanks to the integration provided with all other modules. From sales, service and marketing departments; Past transactions, contacts, addresses, complaints and suggestions can be used to ensure strategic relationship management and the development of this relationship.


Thanks to the Customer Relationship Management integration, feedback records are easily created for customers / prospective customers in the system and actions are taken. With the Document Management module, all documents related to the customer / potential customer can be recorded and tracked from the system. With Sales Management integration, complaint records can be directly linked to sales documents. Thanks to the Project Management module integration, a project assignment can be made for feedback records.

Features Overview

  • Seamless integration into caniasERP
  • Action Management
    • Communication Management
    • Potential customer/vendor, vendor and customer
    • Planned Action
  • Priority Definition
  • Status Control
  • Customer Based Issue Tracking

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