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Activity Management

caniasERP Activity Management (ACT) module is designed for companies operating in the service sector. It provides a simple definition of the projects carried out within the company and their details, and the management of the activities performed in these projects based on personnel. Its easy data entry on its interface facilitates the reporting of activity and job tracking.

Expenses spent during the activity, such as travel, accommodation, etc., can be specified during the activity entry. The activities entered can be billed according to the customer information, taking into account the activity price and expenses. The Activity Management module is fully integrated into the system; thus, it is possible to use the data in two ways.

The Activity Management Module also enables service call management. Reported service requests can be entered into the system using detailed or fast entry options. Thanks to reporting applications, incoming requests can be reported according to certain criteria.

Project and Activity Management

In the Activity Management module, the projects carried out in the company are defined and their details are specified first. Configurations regarding Project Code, duration, Start-End dates, Invoice Information, and Expenses are managed in this section. Newly created projects are made ready for Activity Entry according to their status.

There are separate transactions for Activity Entry and invoicing of entered activities. During the activity entry, detailed activity information (Duration, City / Out of Country information, travel time, etc.) and expenses spent during the activity (Travel Expense, Hotel, etc.) are specified in detail. Entered activities are filtered according to specific search criteria and billed collectively.

In reporting transactions, reports can be printed based on the activities, personnel, and projects that are invoiced or expected to be issued at certain date intervals.

Call Center Management

In the Activity Management module, service calls for projects can also be managed in an effective manner. Call Department, Call type, Call Status, Workplace Location, and Terminal (Machine / Station) information belonging to customers should be defined as basic data.

Call location information, the working terminal, the machine/device/equipment used during service, and the historical development can be managed and reported in detail for each call.

Fast Call Entry transaction, which makes data entry much faster, is especially preferred in companies with a large number of calls.

Features Overview

  • Fast project definition
  • Daily activity management
  • Activity billing and reporting
  • Expense management
  • Fast and detailed service call management
  • Related service call tracking
  • Device/equipment used ─▒nformation
  • Reporting according to call type and results

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