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Sales Targets

With the caniasERP Sales Targets (TRG) module, definitions of sales targets, one of the most critical elements of sales processes, can be made, and sales targets analysis can be used to monitor the achievement of these targets.

Comission Rates

It is possible to define the commission rate in a specified product hierarchy and in a specified sales department or in all sales departments within a specified date range in the type of net sales, gross sales or gross profit rate bonus calculation. With the commission rate, it is possible to determine how much bonus a sales employee will receive over net sales, gross sales or gross profit rate according to the percentage of reaching his goal.

Sales Targets 

Sales period, periods belonging to this period, product hierarchy, sales department and sales targets in the desired currency can be determined. Sales targets can be displayed in the desired currency. Sales target definitions constitute an important data source for the analysis of how much the relevant salesperson has achieved its target.

Sales Target Analysis

Sales targets analysis can be made by taking into account the sales target definitions and commission rates. Sales targets analysis can be made in the desired currency. The targeted amount and actual amount for the selected period, the annual targeted and annual actual amount values and the percentage earnings per period and year according to these amounts are included in the sales target analysis. In addition, the bonus amount calculated according to the target achieved is also included in the sales target analysis.

Features Overvıew

  • Setting sales targets 
  • Sales target analysis 
  • Term and annual earnings 
  • Bonus amounts earned 
  • Work with the desired currency 
  • Defining commission rate and bonus calculation

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