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Export Management

Export Management (EXP) module is used to perform operation and document-based tracking of all export operations. This module is especially crucial for the companies that are managing foreign trade transactions within its own structure and because the module also works in integration with all sales processes on the system.  With the Export Management module, companies can manage their declarations, associate them with letters of credit, track GTIP, calculate the cost of the declaration and other costs, customize these costs and calculate them with pre-entered or newly entered expenses. All standard and special reports, certificates of origin that are specific to the export countries, A.TR, EUR1, etc. forms such as invoices, picking lists, consignment which can be changed from country to a country or customer to customer with circulation documents can be defined and used in the system.

Export operations

Export Management module allows keeping the main transport information such as customs, transport company, transportation type of export certificate. The estimated arrival time is automatically calculated by the system upon the delivery date. Companies can compare the estimated time of arrival and the actual arrival date and evaluate the performance of the shipping company. The amount of the payment in the invoices of the export documents, the amount of this fee to the relevant bank/branch, the bank charges and the receipt can be followed. In addition, some basic information such as the remaining balance, available balance, total payment amount, total amount collected, total cost and maturity information can be followed for export payments and payment withdrawals.


The Export Management module is fully integrated with the Sales Management module. The export document is created by copying the items of the sales document. During the copying process, the consistency of the data in the export document and the sales document can be cross-checked with the support of the export document types check tables. When calculating the export declaration amount, invoice information received from the Sales Management module is taken into consideration together with the sales expense invoices entered in the Invoice Control module. The payment and payment of the declarations created in the module are transferred to the Financial Accounting module and its accuracy is confirmed. With the integration of the Document Management module, users can add the necessary files for export documents, view, modify or download them later. This module is also integrated with the Import Management module. Import returns are included in the Export Management module and export returns are processed in the Import Management module.

Features overview

  • Declaration management
  • Tracking of transport stages
  • Transporter performance assessment
  • Printing of standard or special reports and forms
  • GTIP tracking
  • Bank details
  • Export payments tracking
  • FOB calculation
  • Closing export documents
  • Export expense report
  • Payment withdrawal tracking
  • Tracking of export costs
  • Weekly shipment plan
  • Export promotion report

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