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Campaign Management

With the caniasERP Campaign Management (CMP) module, campaigns, one of the important elements of marketing activities, are managed in order to gain new customers, increase customer loyalty, and ensure future purchases.

Unlimited number of campaign definitions can be made depending on a season, period, a specific customer type, or a product group, and the defined campaigns can be used in the relevant modules.

Campaign Definitions

For a sale, document-based campaigns with instant gains in the document or periodic campaigns that achieve a quota or target with one or more purchases can be defined and these campaigns can be used in sales and retail transactions. When defining the campaign, the terms of the campaign and the benefits to be achieved when these conditions are met are specified. Conditions and gains can be defined as amount or amount. A maximum limit can be set for the campaign or per customer.

Campaign Usage

When a sale that meets the campaign conditions is made, the earnings are displayed on the system and the gifts, bonuses and discounts earned from these campaigns can be used during the sales.

Features Overview

  • Document-based campaign definitions
  • Periodic campaign definitions
  • One-time or multiple wins
  • Product, discount amount, discount rate, or gift certificate wins
  • Cheapest product win
  • Campaign maximum limit definition
  • Maximum limit definition per customer
  • Definition of the day and time the campaign will be valid

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