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Shipment Management

caniasERP Shipment Management (SHM) module is used to manage the tracking of the shipping stages of the goods supplied in relation to the overseas purchasing processes.

With this module, users can monitor the shipping stages of the relevant order after the order confirmation, as well as information such as detailed container information and the estimated arrival date of the shipment via the transaction. Additionally, with the advantages offered by Material Stage Statistics and Order Item Statistics, statistical values for order and shipping can be easily analyzed.

Stage Tracking Transaction

With the step tracking application in the module, users can monitor the stage of the imported products (e.g., on the way, at the customs, at the warehouse, etc.). In this module, by keeping the documents in sequential stages, the transportation stages of the imported products can be monitored.

Document Flow

Thanks to the "Document Flow" feature in the Shipment Management module, restrictions can be imposed on the users so that the stage tracking can be carried out sequentially, and the transport records to be kept in the system can be processed in the expected order.


The Shipment Management module works in an integrated manner with many modules in the system, ensuring an effective shipping process. Thanks to the Purchase Management module integration, it ensures that only shipping processes associated with real orders are created. Trough the integration of the Import Management module, the shipping documents are directly matched with the declarations to which they are referenced, allowing an integrated transportation process to be realized. With the Invoice Verification module, it is possible to create expense invoices based on the costs incurred during the transportation process, directly referenced from the shipping document.

Features Overview

  • Stage Tracking 
  • Container Tracking
  • Tracking Status Between Documents 
  • Material Stage Statistics 
  • Order Item Statistics 
  • Document Flow 
  • Reference Document Tracking

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