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Inventory Cost Management

caniasERP Inventory Cost Management (INC) module is used to calculate the costs of inventory movements. In this module, keeping transactions such as purchasing, external operations, sales and transfer are provided by the inventory cost management module (INC) of inventory transactions. Cost values are transferred to the accounting with the integration of the Financial Acoounting module in addition to providing data to the internal reports. The successful integration feature also allows the cost results to be calculated practically at period closings.

Stock Costing

In the Inventory Cost Management module, each inventory movement can be costed by selecting one of the cost types such as average cost, weighted moving average, lot / serial number based real cost, FIFO, LIFO. In addition to being used in various reports, the calculated inventory movement costs are transferred to the Financial Accounting module in a practical way and accounted.

In the Inventory Cost Management module, all amounts calculated taking into account the cost elements on the basis of inventory movements are reflected in the inventory movements they belong to.

Costing Control

In order to find the cost of inventory movements, data is taken from many modules, especially Base Data Management, Production Management, Purchase Management, Invoice Verification, Sales Management. Thanks to this accurate and complete integration data, inventory costs are determined accurately. Errors that may occur are minimized thanks to pre- and post-costing control reports.

Multiple Accounting Standard

In the Inventory Cost Management module, inventory movement costs can be calculated separately for different accounting standards such as VUK, IFRS, USGAAP, and TFRS. In this way, cost results based on different accounting standards can be reported and these results can be easily compared with each other and accounted for.

Cost Accounting

In the Inventory Cost Management module, the results are automatically transferred to the accounting. Reflections of accounting accounts are created and cost results are accounted for. Thus, the closing of cost accounts can be checked without adding new accounting documents.

Real Time Cost

With the real-time cost calculation feature in the module, the costs of the inventory movements are calculated instantly over the standard or walking weighted average cost and the calculated amounts are accounted for. Thus, costs can be reported instantly. Planned and realized cost values are analyzed at the end of the month and the differences between them are distributed to inventory movements and accounted.

Cost Deviation Analysis

The deviation rate and profit / loss analysis can be performed by calculating the price of a dispatch note in the caniasERP system, the price of the invoice, the standard price and the actual cost.

Cost Reports

The module offers users a wide range of reporting. Some of these reports are used to check the accuracy and consistency of data from other modules and to calculate inventory costs accurately. In this way, the changes that need to be completed before the inventory cost calculation can be easily determined.

In addition, using the data generated as a result of calculating the inventory cost; 'Consistent Stock Report', 'Inventory and Accounting Documents,' Stock and Accounting Comparison Report ',' Inventory Balance ',' Cost Deviation Analysis' reports are received.

These reports, which provide detailed information, are easy to understand thanks to their simple design and offer the user the freedom of practical action.


Inventory Cost Management module is integrated with the following modules:

  • Inventory Management
  • Cost Centers Accounting
  • Invoice Verification

Through the integration with these modules, it enables the generation and reporting of cost results without the need for data transfer.

Considering that cost results should be given in a limited time at period closings, this advanced integration saves users a lot of time. In addition, results can be transferred to the Financial Accounting module.

Features Overview

  • Integration that does not allow duplicate records
  • Calculating cost of inventory transactions
  • Periodic calculation of inventory movements
  • Standard vs actual cost comparison
  • Cost deviation analysis
  • Costing and accounting of stock movements using different costing types. (Average cost, weighted moving average, actual cost, FIFO, LIFO)
  • Real time cost calculation
  • Ability to calculate the cost of stock movements separately for each accounting standard using different accounting standards (VUK, IFRS, USGAAP, TFRS etc.)
  • Transferring cost results to cost accounting accounts
  • Consistency check throughout the caniasERP system
  • Control of records included in cost calculation
  • Stock and accounting

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