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Opportunity Management

caniasERP Opportunity Management (OPM) module is used to track and report opportunities for customer acquisition through the system.

Thanks to this module, sales opportunities that may arise and all steps to be taken to realize these opportunities can be systematically managed. With the caniasERP Opportunity Management module, the opportunities tracked can be reported in various ways and analyzed using different analysis methods. In addition, thanks to this module, the anticipated return of the offer to be presented to the customer can be monitored when success is achieved as a result of the closing of the opportunity.

Tender Opportunities

The caniasERP Opportunity Management module (OPM) offers the opportunity to manage bidding opportunities, another opportunity of customer acquisition, as well as tracking sales opportunities. With this method, open tenders, bargain tenders, tenders between certain bidders and closed envelope auctions can be associated and managed with customers. Along with all the necessary detailed information about a tender, the actions taken for this tender, the tender rivals and the materials subject to the tender can be easily followed on the module.

Operational Structure

All opportunities managed in the caniasERP Opportunity Management module (OPM) can be associated with a specific product hierarchy, campaign or project. If there is a sales department that manages and tracks an opportunity, the opportunity can be assigned to a specific department through the module. Thanks to this module, the suppliers who are in contact with the customer who are the subject of the opportunity, and their expected earning amounts can be followed as they win the customer. Similarly, the products for which the opportunity will be realized can be followed through the module. By categorizing opportunity types in the caniasERP Opportunity Management module, the steps to be taken to seize the opportunity under the relevant category can be standardized and these standard steps can be easily used in many opportunities. At the same time, date constraints and costs of these steps can be tracked. In addition, thanks to this module, all sales and purchase offers associated with an opportunity can be followed. With the help of the Opportunity Multiple Report transaction under the module, opportunities in the system can be reported by using internal query method by determining many different group criteria.


All opportunities registered in the system are analyzed graphically by pipeline analysis and open / won / lost analysis methods using the Salesperson Console through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module integration. In addition, the relevant contact information of the customer that is the subject of the opportunity is also monitored in the opportunity management module thanks to the integration of the Customer Relations Management module. Thanks to cross integration, changes made on the relevant person in the opportunity management module are also transferred to the Customer Relations Management module. Likewise, the opportunities in the Opportunity Management module in the Customer Relationship Management module can be followed under the opportunities of the relevant customer. In addition to these, the actions to be taken for the customer subject to the opportunity are transferred to the Customer Relations Management module. Thanks to the Document Management (DOC) integration, documents related to the opportunity can be added and these added documents can be monitored under the Document management module.

Features Overvıew

  • Competitor Tracking 
  • Tender Opportunities Management 
  • Action Management 
  • Document Management 
  • Customer relations management 
  • Offer Tracking 
  • Anticipated Offer Return 
  • Campaign Relationship Project Relationship

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