Canias ERP Module

Financial Management

The caniasERP Financial Management (FMT) module helps companies manage their financial processes such as loans and leasing, as well as their integration processes with banks.

Basic functions of the module are as follows:

  • Follow-up of your loan and leasing applications and their realizations, making, monitoring and accounting the payment of entries and installments, as well as detailed analysis, end of period currency valuation and accounting transactions.
  • Detailed insurance policy follow-up and accounting.
  • Integration with the banks where companies work: Account transactions integration in Swift MT940 standard, check / bill integration, mass payment orders sending and outcome integration
  • For transactions such as periodic payments, insurance premium or lease payments, the template document is created once and automatically recognized when the time comes.
  • DBS - Direct debiting system management


Financial Management module has integration with modules such as Financial Accounting, Legal Reporting Management, Financial Reporting Management, Retail Management, Invoice Verification, Fixed Asset Management, Human Resources Management, Production Cost Management, Cost Centers Accounting, Stock Management.

Features Overview

  • Integration with banks
  • Detailed credit and leasing tracking
  • Management of insurance policies
  • DBS - Direct debiting system management

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