Canias ERP Module

Financial Consolidation Management

The caniasERP Financial Consolidation Management (FCM) module has been developed to meet the formal or managerial consolidation needs of businesses that are structured in the form of a holding or a group of companies that produce or trade and provide services.

Among the basic functions of the module, the following can be listed:

  • Consolidation for different groups of companies affiliated to the holding
  • Defining group chart of accounts sets
  • Defining ownership rates among companies
  • Defining the currency and exchange rates specific to consolidation
  • Creating the accounting records in the specified date range as consolidation raw data in summary
  • Detailed analysis on raw data
  • Defining different data control sets for both before and after elimination
  • Detailed analysis as a result of data controls (Vertical Control)
  • Detailed analysis with consensus matrix (Horizontal Control)
  • Defining rule sets for automatic eliminations
  • Manual recording can be added after elimination, if desired
  • Detailed analysis on consolidation data
  • Rich, customizable ready reports and creating your own reports
  • Using footnotes in reports


Financial Consolidation Management has seamless integration with Financial Accounting, Legal Reporting Management, Financial Management, Financial Reporting Management, Sales Management, Retail Management, Invoice Verification, Fixed Asset Management, Human Resources Management, Production Cost Management, Cost Centers Accounting, Inventory Management, e-Book Management. 

Features Overview

  • Ability to define different consolidation structures
  • Different group chart of accounts can be defined
  • Identification of exchange rates specific to consolidation
  • To be able to define the consolidation currency
  • Using control reports at every step of the consolidation process
  • Vertical control can be done
  • Providing control with consensus matrix
  • Automatic creation of elimination processes
  • Detailed reporting on both raw data and consolidation data
  • Besides ready reports, customizable reporting opportunity
  • Effective use of footnotes in reports

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