Canias ERP Module

General Data Protection

The caniasERP General Data Protection (GDP) module enables the necessary actions to be taken to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data and to prevent unauthorized use.

In the module, there is an analysis report transaction for data analysis along with the management of general data protection operations.

General Data Protection Records

Advertising preferences and personal data protection preferences of the persons in the address book are recorded in the system. While the last preferences of the persons can be displayed, all past records of the person can also be viewed. The date for which the approval is sent, how the person was contacted (mail, call, SMS, etc.) preference and date of the preference are recorded and this information can be easily accessed when requested.

Management Panel

The module contains data of the people who have been sent approval requests and not sent approval requests through the management panel. With the management panel, people who have not been sent for approval can be easily listed and a collective approval request mail can be sent to these people from the management panel. Based on the duration of data retention and data deletion periods, information on how many days remain until the data retention and data deletion period of all data or, if this period has been exceeded, is included. Digital data destruction and data deletion can be done with the management panel. In addition, according to the advertisement preference, the e-mail preference of the relevant person in the customer relations module can be updated collectively with the management panel.

Analysis Report

The analysis report provides summary information about the general status of data protection records. In the report, data storage preferences, requests sent and received responses by month, data retention / deletion analysis and last interaction date analysis information are presented to users graphically. With the analysis report, it is also possible to list data protection records in line with the selected criteria.

Features Overview

  • Easy and fast processes with the Management Panel 
  • Analysis Report with data analysis and graphically supported general status tracking
  • Automatically sending approval request mail when creating a new contact record
  • Adding e-mails sent from the management panel to the customer as an action 
  • Updating the last interaction date with customer action record
  • Integration with Bulk Letter / Mail / Action Management transaction 
  • Integration with personnel registration card transactions 
  • Integration with CV bank transactions

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