Canias ERP Module

Electronic Book Management

With the caniasERP Electronic Book Management (EBM) module, the books that must be kept in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code are electronically signed, guaranteed immutability and stored electronically.

Among the basic functions of the module, the following can be listed:

  • Numbering transactions of journal articles
  • Creation of a journal, general ledger, journal certificate, journal certificate and journal report certificate
  • Ability to create books and certificates on branch or company basis
  • Electronic signing of the created books and certificates with the financial seal
  • Using timestamp in the signing phase
  • Schema and schematron controls by the system
  • Checking compliance with e-ledger document type and e-ledger payment method rules
  • Collective control possibility before creating control reports and books
  • Notifying the user of situations that may cause incompatibility during the creation of the ledger at the time of the transaction.
  • Book creation process can be done within the authority
  • Schema and schematron checks during the upload of the approved certificates to the system after the approval of the certificates created by the Revenue Administration.


The caniasERP EBM module has integration with the Financial Accounting (FIN) module.

Features Overview:

  • Numbering journal articles
  • Creation of a journal, general ledger, journal certificate and journal report certificate
  • Creating a book and certificate on a company or branch basis
  • Electronic time stamp signing of books and certificates using financial seal
  • Schema and schematron checks in the creation of books and certificates
  • Examination of control reports and journal articles
  • Making the creation of books and certificates within the scope of authority
  • Registration of the certificates approved by the Revenue Administration into the system by passing the schema and schematron rules.

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