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SMS Management

The text message receiving and sending feature in caniasERP supports communication inside and between companies. Thanks to the integrated structure of the caniasERP SMS module, centrally recorded data is managed in an integrated manner with all modules. Its main features include keeping SMS information by adapting it to individual needs, responding instantly to inquiries and sending text messages at a certain time interval. Without any extra labor, caniasERP SMS module automatically extracts the data generated as a result of the daily work of other modules in the information pool and sends the desired data as an SMS.

Instant and Scheduled SMS

With the help of the SMS infrastructure integrated into the system, instant text messages can be sent during the workflows of all modules in the caniasERP system. Additionally, text messages can be sent to users or user groups on the dates and times defined in the system and in desired periods.

Some examples include;

  • Financial reminder for companies not to skip any payments or collections. (For checks, bills, letters of credit, insurance policies, etc., information and reminders can be provided with special reports, on the dates and times defined by text messages, at desired periods)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales amounts, order information can be accessed automatically.
  • Stock status of materials can be quired.
  • Production stops can be notified via SMS.
  • Information about quality control results can be provided.
  • With BPM integration, approval mechanism can be supported by text message.


It is possible to send queries to the caniasERP system via a text message and get a reply via text message.

caniasERP SMS Module takes into account the keywords in the text messages sent to the system, triggers automatic queries and sends the results back to the requesting person via text message.

With the easy configuration of the automatic reply feature, any data on the system can be easily queried with a text message.

User Console

The caniasERP SMS module has a user document tracking screen that brings the results of text message sending and receiving in the entire caniasERP system to the user in an easy and understandable way. The details of outgoing and incoming, daily and total text messages are brought together as a user-specific summary view and presented to the user.


With the caniasERP SMS Module, the data received from different modules are collected in the information pool and sent when requested.

Through the BPM integration, it can be integrated with all the workflows and the results can be sent as a text message. Confirmed / Cancelled transactions can be sent via text message.

Features Overview

  • Storing and reporting incoming and sent SMS messages
  • Dynamic adaptive user console
  • Connection with caniasERP modules / processes
  • Sending SMS from all modules
  • Defining SMS templates to be sent
  • Sending instant or scheduled SMS
  • Sending any information in the system via SMS at defined dates and times, at desired periods
  • Sending SMS to the system and receiving automatic reply with the configurations associated with the keywords defined in the system

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