Canias ERP Module

Mail Application Management

caniasERP Mail Application Management (MAM) module offers the opportunity to send emails from all transactions in the system as well as email exchange inside and outside the company.

e-mails can be sent and received (using PoP3 or Imap protocols) through the email client integrated in the module. It is also possible to manage multiple e-mail accounts simultaneously with this module.

Email Signature

Through "Company Signature" as well as a personal signature definition, all in-house signatures can be centrally managed.

Email Rules

With the Mail Application Management (MAM) module, it is possible to define email rules to be collected or deleted in different folders. An unlimited number of rules can be defined.

Address Book Integration

The information of all persons registered in the address book can be easily accessed. These people can be contacted via email, telephone or fax integration.

Integration with Other Modules

With the caniasERP Mail Application Management (MAM) module, emails can be sent from all modules. In addition, with Document Management integration, document attachments of the relevant transaction can be integrated into email.

Features Overview

  • Connection with caniasERP modules / processes or external data sources. 
  • Sending email from all modules. 
  • Integrated email and address book management with Customer Relationship Management module. 
  • Instant message and SMS service.

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