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caniasERP runs on the TROIA software development platform developed by IAS. The ERP system comes with its source codes, TROIA Platform, and the interactive development environment (IDE). In other words, the customer gains access to all of the development and management tools of the TROIA Platform with caniasERP. This enables the customers to adapt and configure the system to fit their needs and requests in the enterprise. With an Operating System that is database independent and service-oriented architecture (SOA), TROIA platform and caniasERP, which have a %100 Java-based and three-tier structure, offer robust security and unlimited flexibility to the customers.

TROIA – Programming Language And Development Environment

Development and management of applications and profile-based user and authorization definitions can be made through TROIA Development Tools and System Administration. With detailed parameters to ensure that the management related to the overall system, including the log mechanism, is performed flawlessly.

Adaptations of the TROIA environment can be performed by IAS consultants or by trained company personnel. With this user-friendly platform, companies can significantly reduce their custom adaptation cost as the required programming cost can be performed exclusively with internal resources.

caniasERP Technologies And Advantages

caniasERP Is Platform Independent

caniasERP works with all known operating systems on the server and client-side and is compatible with all known relational databases. This allows the system infrastructure to be used not according to(in accordance with) the design and limitations of the ERP solution, but to(with (this will be applied if “in accordance with” is preferred) to be used the meet the needs and limitations of the customer. In addition to commonly used platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, and various Linux distributions, many open-source solutions such as PostgreSQL and MySQL are also supported. This added feature eliminates companies' dependency on third parties’ resources which in turn allows for more efficient use of company assets.

caniasERP Is Open Source And Promotes Cost Saving

With unique technology, architecture, and development environment, TROIA offers its customers direct access to the source code of the application. As a result, companies can adapt and develop the existing solution in the most efficient way possible with high flexibility.

caniasERP Offers Multiple Company Support

 caniasERP's multi-company infrastructure enables multiple companies, that are legally independent of each other, to be created as separate units in a single software installation.

caniasERP Supports Interoperability

One of the many advantages of the TROIA programming language and its service-oriented architecture (SOA) is fast integration with external systems. Many protocols or technological infrastructure such as Web Services, HTTP, FTP, TCP, OPC, can be integrated with the ERP software without compromising security and communication.

caniasERP Is Accessible Worldwide

The caniasERP system can be accessed from any location that has internet access, therefore, allowing easy connection to field personnel, business partners, vendors, and other offices.
Also, this allows for multi-language support and unlimited localization options, including Unicode,  caniasERP system to be used with a high degree of comfort from any location worldwide.

System Administration (SYS) And Troia Development Tools (DEV)

caniasERP Software Infrastructure

caniasERP works on the TROIA software development platform developed by IAS. The ERP system is delivered with the source codes, TROIA Platform, and development environment. This allows customers access to all development and management tools of the TROIA Platform together with caniasERP. Customers can adapt the system in the most applicable way to the needs of the enterprise and continue the configuration of their business needs.

Future And Investment Security

On the Java-based caniasERP platform, the operating system and the database on which the application and database server are used can be selected with virtually no restrictions. All JDBC compliant systems, including IASDB, IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL-Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Sybase, can be used as the database system. An investment in caniasERP's flexible and open system architecture is not dependent on anyone's technology. This investment with its flexible infrastructure can be modified to meet changing business needs over time.

Location-Independent Use And Management

Since caniasERP can be used from any location worldwide, technical processes such as managing or developing application servers can also be performed from any location. caniasERP application servers can be configured effortlessly with configuration files and changes take effect immediately without the need to restart the server.

Data and codes for business processes live on the application server. All updates are available immediately while backup, updates, and debugging are performed centrally.

The platform's log, optimization, and management infrastructure enable the system to be monitored at all times and from any location, analyzing various processes and quickly correcting or optimizing possible problems in system administration.

Data Security

  • The three-tier architecture allows the database to be separated from the user network and the internet.
  • The use of an optimized internal communication protocol makes unauthorized attempts to interfere with the application server harder.
  • The system's flexible and easy-to-use network architecture can easily incorporate firewalls.
  • Advanced authorization infrastructure prevents data and processes from being viewed and executed by unauthorized people.
  • The users' data is also protected against access over the internet through VPN and SSL.

High Efficiency With Three-Tier Architecture

    The caniasERP system has a three-tier architecture consisting of a client, an application server, and a database. This three-tier structure offers the following performance features:

  • The client tier does not contain codes related to the business process. This tier is only responsible for using the user interface. Accordingly, the hardware requirements for the client are also low.
  • With the caniasERP Load Balancer, multiple application servers can run simultaneously. The distribution of load by Load Balancer guarantees a constant level of performance and safety.
  • The application server can be scaled for companies of all sizes.
  • Optimized communication algorithms reduce data traffic and provide a high transfer rate.

TROIA is a fourth-generation (4GL) programming platform and language for business applications developed on Java platform by IAS. The caniasERP system is developed with the TROIA programming language which makes it a Java-based ERP solution.

TROIA, an object-oriented command language, can be easily learned in a very short time by people with decent technical competence. TROIA is similar in many ways to modern programming languages such as Java and .NET. The system can be programmed in just a few steps with the most effective database-oriented applications and over 500 commands and can be immediately put into use.

The TROIA development environment is fully integrated into the caniasERP application. No additional software or tools are required to adopt or develop new applications. The source code created with TROIA is saved and managed in a relational database. The developments done using TROIA are transformed into binary (Binary) code and are interpreted by the application server and executed on the server in Java runtime environment.

Quick Development Of Forms And Reports

The forms (screens, dialogs) and reports used in the caniasERP system can be easily modified or re-created. New dialogs and reports can be created with the design tool in the TROIA IDE. Buttons, database fields, checkboxes, graphic elements, tables, images, etc. are the standard components in TROIA. These components can be easily positioned with a drag-and-drop feature on a dialog window screen. The business processes and the behavior of the components can be easily improved by the easy and flexible structure of the TROIA language and the automatic completion feature (Intellisense) and the help infrastructure of the TROIA IDE.

Effective Development Environment

The TROIA IDE and Hotline Management System support all steps in the software development process. All changes made under a development project are recorded through this system. TROIA allows detection of errors through its Code Trace system, profiles, and workflow monitoring (Debug), and contributes to the minimization of possible errors during the development of the application.

Individual Report Design

The report wizard, pivot, and graphical report design tools in the user interface and the report design tool in the development environment can be used to quickly generate reports that can be accessed by individual users or all users. These reports can be created in PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, or plain text format and printed, sent by email, or saved to the Document Management module.

Multi-Language Support For Worldwide Use

An important feature of caniasERP software is the multi-language support provided by the integrated translation tool. With this tool, all screen texts and notifications can be translated to all other languages without redevelopment. All screens (dialogs), reports, and messages are displayed in the language selected by the end-user when logged in to the system. Likewise, all reports can also be printed in the desired languages. (Controlled by the language code.) On the platform, several languages are supported thanks to Unicode Support (UTF8 and UTF16), including non-Latin languages such as Chinese, Korean, Persian, and Arabic.

Adaptation Of The Standard Application To Company's Needs

A customer with the caniasERP Maintenance Agreement has unlimited access to the entire source code of the application and can adjust the system to their own needs. Thanks to the concept of 'Cross' in TROIA, the changes made affect the corresponding function derived from the standard code, and not the standard code itself. This ensures the consistency of the standard version, even when customer-specific, complex changes are made. In other words, customer-specific adaptations continue to remain after updates.

Platform Independent Database Structure

Database components such as tables or table directories that are used in the application with Online Database Administration (ODBA) can be managed and edited with the help of visual tools. Other functions of ODBA are to transfer tables and data between the same database or between different database systems and execution of structure synchronization between the table definition and the actual table structure on the database.

Never Drop Behind With caniasERP

The gradual growth of a company increases the requirements of an ERP system. caniasERP has an open, scalable, and adaptive system architecture. Thanks to this architecture, unlimited flexibility is provided in the design and assembly of operational processes.
In addition to strong integration between applications and well-thought-standard modules, personalization, and customization possibilities provided by the system provides the fastest way possible to adapt the company to changing conditions in which the system is used.

Advantages Of Using TROIA

  •  Open Source Code
  •  Easy to learn and develop
  •  A system architecture that supports remote development
  •  Platform independence
  •  Object-Oriented Programming Language
  •  Easy to create user interfaces with the drag and drop design
  •  Easy integration with other systems and interfaces
  •  Instant transfer of developed applications to the runtime environment


Three Tier Architecture

  •  Minimization of system requirements and repair costs with low client requirements
  •  Attractive price-performance relation with operating system-independent, scalable application server.
  •  Low data traffic and high transfer rate with the optimized data transfer
  •  Secure, user-friendly network infrastructure and SSL support
  •  Centralized application server and distributed data storage, enabling access, development, and system administration from any location and from any computer

100% Java Based

  •  Working on platform-independent JVM for both the server and client-side. (Reduces operating and repair costs.)
  •  Database independence (Supports all known JDBC compliant databases.)

Flexible Access Options

  •  Access to the server via Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Internet (landline, dial-up, ADSL, GPRS, UMTS, etc...)
  •  Client options (tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc.) that offer the best user experience based on the client computer
  •  XML and support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  •  Integration possibilities over various protocols and technologies such as HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SOAP, FTP, TCP, OPC, RS232, PLC

Security Options

  •  Separate database and clients with the three-tier architecture
  •  Unique communication protocol
  •  Secure authentication through RADIUS / LDAP protocol
  •  Configurable VPN and SSL support
  •  Advanced data access and authorization infrastructure
  •  Advanced log support on all tiers

Internal TROIA Programming Language

  •  Open source code
  •  Object-oriented programming
  •  Integrated and visual development environment
  •  Easy updates for customer-specific codes
  •  Quick and simple debugging with code tracing feature
  •  Multi-language support
  •  User-friendly report tool
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Interactive support
  •  Integrated optimization
  •  Hotline (Development Tracking) System

System Administration And Configuration

  •  Management of all application server and other server-side components via the web
  •  Simple and clear configuration
  •  Execution of all operations from the application server
  •  Load distribution to multiple application servers with Load Balancer
  •  Easy installation, update, and backup
  •  Centrally updating all clients in a single transaction; no need for client-side backup and recovery thanks to web-based clients
  •  Easy to use user privileges management
  •  Expanded blocking mechanisms

Other Features

  •  Report creation with no coding through Pivot and Chart properties
  •  Report creation in formats compatible with office applications
  •  Report creation in PDF, HTML, RTF, and plain text format

Benefits Of Integration

The features offered by the TROIA Platform and the flexible architecture of the caniasERP system enable easy integration with other systems:

  •  Web pages can be connected with caniasERP using JSP and WAP connectors.
  •  With its service-oriented architecture (SOA), the caniasERP system enables access to web services for external systems as well as access to other web services worldwide.
  •  Electronic data interchange with business partners via XML and Electronic Data Interchange module allows better communication and flawless execution; Phone, fax, and data communications costs are reduced.
  •  The ability to send and receive emails and SMS in caniasERP supports communication within and across companies.

Flexible Accessibility

caniasERP offers flexible features that allow users to connect with the system anytime and from anywhere. The user can connect to the caniasERP server with a laptop, tablet or smartphone and continue their work as if they are (were) in the office. Remote development and improvements to the live environment can be done through the TROIA IDE. Optimized data transfer algorithms and intelligent data compression capabilities ensure the highest performance even at the slowest connections. Companies can also integrate their customers, partners, and suppliers into the extended supply chain management system.

Safe User ID Verification

caniasERP offers an easy to use, flexible, and secure user privilege management feature. Optionally, user authentication can also be supported through the SSO Gateway or directly with the Single-Sign-On feature in an Active Directory service. Smart cards or one-time password systems can be integrated into the application server. Thus, password piracy can be prevented with user authentication by hardware. A security server, in which the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) protocol is executed, can also be connected to the application server.

Hundreds Of Process Documents And Documentation Special For Customer

  •  Process documents of more than 1500 processes on caniasERP supported with screenshots, prepared by IAS.
  •  Process videos supporting the process documents
  •  Option to create documents in every language with the multi-language support
  •  Preparation of customer-specific processes' documentation with the same application
  •  Video support in customer-specific processes
  •  Automatically creating documents by saving screenshots with the Screenshot Recorder tool
  •  Option to add any kind of file to process documents


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