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What are the advantages of an ERP solution for my industry?

We have developed a solution especially for the concrete ready-mix industry that allows you to manage all your business processes with canias4.0 without a third-party application. Efficient, tailored and fast.

In the concrete ready-mix industry, a good ERP system is indispensable. With canias4.0 you have a software solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of your industry and helps you optimize and automate your business processes. With the goal of higher productivity, we combine ERP, IoT and BigData. All from a single source.

With its flexibility and adaptability, canias4.0 can be tailored to your business processes quickly and cost-effectively. If you're looking for sustainable software that understands your industry and offers smart solutions for your needs, you'll find the right support here.

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Solutions for the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation

We know the challenges of your industry; we accompany you through the transformation into the digital future. Especially for the concrete ready-mix industry, we have customized solutions that provide you with future-oriented, cost-efficient as well as flexible solutions. Open up unimagined possibilities and secure a competitive advantage in the long term.


caniasERP offers you diverse possibilities:

  • Orders with Pre-Planned Shipment: In the concrete ready-mix industry, shipping the products at the right time and under the right conditions is as important as the production process itself. Even in the ordering phase, it is possible to plan the shipment and organize the details concerning the pumping and mixing equipment if needed.  

  • Scale Platform Integration: As in every industry, real-time stock monitoring with the proper controls is essential in the concrete ready-mix industry. The digital data integration with scale platforms enables instant weighing of the mixing equipment before and after filling. All weighing results are stored on the system to ensure shipment in correct amounts.

  • Aggregate Tests: One of the most significant consumables in concrete ready-mix production is aggregates. canias4.0 offers industry-specific displays for this item. These enable producers to specify many aggregate properties including particle density, water sorption capacity measurements, and acid-soluble chloride and sulfate rates.

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