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#Technology meets nature

Dear reader. The first step is done. Now only a few pages separate you from the tips and tricks of our gardening experts, to whom we have dedicated a large part of this issue. We are pleased that you are looking at our magazine and hope you enjoy reading it.

In this first edition in 2021 we have put together various interesting topics. On the one hand, we would of course like to follow our expertise and have created some content with a focus on our product and Industry 4.0. Our company founder and managing director Yaşar Hakan Karabiber speak in an interview about the development of canias4.0, our new umbrella brand since 2020, and its influence on Industry 4.0. And we have put together a checklist on how companies can successfully move towards a smart factory within their existing business processes. We also introduce one of our customers from Switzerland who has been using caniasERP successfully for many years.

In addition to this “expert” part, we have also selected other exciting topics: The current time is a challenge for everyone, so the beginning of spring is really good and leads us outside again. For everyone who wants to (re) discover nature‘s processes and start their own cultivation project, our extensive gardening guide has the right tips ready, no matter how large or small the available cultivation area is. In addition, we have great up-and recycling tips, present the exciting concept of permaculture and, of course, DIY instructions for a raised bed should not be missing.

We have also selected other topics that we think are an enrichment for everyday life: We got on the track of „habits“ and how they can be changed in a positive way. Another special feature is the “Travel 4.0” section in which our colleagues from the Istanbul location take us into their city. In the next issues, we will travel together to our locations in Korea, India, and Germany. And at the end, there are two delicious green recipes to go with this green edition.

Have a good time and all the best with the rest of the magazine! 

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