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Production Management

caniasERP - Production Management (PRD) module contributes to the optimization of all production processes of enterprises with its adaptability. This module, which allows single-level or multi-level production, enables the production plans created by the Material Requirements Planning module to be converted into production orders and managed. The Production Management module, which can be integrated into the entire system flawlessly, ensures a successful data flow.

Therefore, companies can realize a transparent, consistent, reliable and efficient production process. The production orders generated on the module include all the requirement information for the production, such as the quantity of the product to be produced, the variant, the BOM components and the route operations. During the creation of a production order, the missing material analysis is performed automatically. This module employs forward or backward scheduling, and it allows the operations to be given a new deadline accordingly with the help of detailed planning types. It is also possible to acquire information on resources and the use of resources. Another feature is to make 'Planned' and 'Actualized' comparisons for production levels, input quantities and production quantities in this module.

The process of the Production Management module is shown schematically on the graph.

Production order features and management

In the Production Management module, it is possible to perform single-level or multilevel production (that includes semi-products needed for product and production). This module allows the production of similar products to be managed with a single production order, or it can be used for disassembly production. The production plans created by the Material Requirements Planning module are not considered as (to be added here) production order. The plans created in the Material Requirements Planning module can be converted into production orders with the 'Convert from Plan to Production Order' feature in order to initiate them as production orders. The module can automatically convert the production plan containing the required quantities of the relevant material into the production order when needed.

During plan conversion, the values suggested by Material Requirements Planning can be used for routing purposes as well. During the creation of a production order, missing material analysis is performed automatically. In this analysis, whether the required components are present or not can be checked. The relevant parts can be automatically reserved for the required date so that a proper material flow is ensured.

It is also possible to create external processes in the module. Production orders can be monitored continuously by defining external operations. The materials that will be used during the operation can be transferred from company stock to the vendor that will perform the external operation, and the External Products resulting from the operation can be taken into inventory. These features make it easy to track the parts or the product.

Operation planning

The integration of the Production Management module with the Capacity Management module enables the most optimal resource planning for the relevant production order. With the help of the detailed planning types, the operations can be scheduled forward, backward or from any stage and their deadlines can be recalculated accordingly. In addition, the module provides information on resources, use of resources and BOMs. Thus, all operational data included in the relevant production processes are taken into account in the Production Management module's planning.

Similar operations can be planned and approved together with the Operation Combination method in cases where common resources of the enterprise are used for similar operations.  This feature saves time and cost by maximizing the occupancy rates of the machines in the enterprise. In addition, a prediction for the production process can be generated through the real-time monitoring of the module, if desired. Important documents for the production process such as Material Consumption Report or Production Order Report can be generated via this module.

Production confirmations

After an operation is partially or fully completed, an amount of confirmation same as the completed amount should be given. Through the integration with the Quality Management module, the quality control process can be initiated before, during, or after the confirmation according to(in accordance with) the assigned test plan. Production Confirmation screens can be customized for any user. There are three different confirmation methods in the module: 'Normal', 'Simple' and 'Quick' Production Confirmation. They are named according to (in line with) the details required during confirmation.

Automatic inventory consumption of the components used during production can be made through different methods. If all operations related to the material to be produced again are confirmed, automatic inventory receipt can be performed for the product. In addition, confirmations and inventory movements can also be recorded with barcodes or manual entries. Thus, all the components produced can be monitored completely.

Analysis and evaluations

In this module, various analyzes (analyses) to determine and evaluate the optimization potentials in production are presented to the user. These analyzes (analyses) allow the user to evaluate different topics, such as work centers or cost centers based on various criteria. It is also possible to make 'Planned' and 'Actualized' comparisons for production levels, input quantities and production quantities in this module.

In the Production Management module, semi-product WIP (Work-in-Process) analysis is also provided to calculate the value of the components currently in production. In addition, re-processing and scrap analysis are also available in the module. Thus, the production BOMs and routes, that differ from their main BOMs and routes, can be compared with their originals. The tool management feature in the module provides a source simulation to identify the resources used during the operation, as well as to determine the optimization potentials.


Through its integrated structure with the caniasERP system, the Production Management module can exchange information between other modules flawlessly. The module, which is fed data (whose data is fed) directly by the automation module, is also used as a data source for the Production Intelligence module.

This module has integration with modules such as Base Data Management, BOM Management, Route Management, Material Requirements Planning, Capacity Management, Sales Management, Project Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Transfer Management, Maintenance Management, Quality Management, Standard Cost Management, Production Cost Management and Cost Centers Accounting

Features overview

  • Alternative Management 
  • Variant management 
  • Optimization of production processes 
  • Usage with different production order types
  • Multi-level production 
  • Operations Scheduling 
  • External Operation Management 
  • Operation grouping concept for similar operations 
  • Instant stock tracking for materials to be used in production 
  • Resource management 
  • Inventory movements that can be managed according to (based on) needs 
  • Diversity in operation approvals 
  • Effective cost management 
  • Detailed analysis and reporting

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