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Quality Management

​​​​​​​Quality Management (QLT) module is used to manage the process of identifying and solving the quality problems that companies face during the purchasing and manufacturing processes. 

Users can create a detailed control plan for each material purchased or produced by the Quality Management module and perform the quality control process for all specified criteria. Control plans can be defined for work centers and periodical checks can be made accordingly. In addition, various reports can be prepared on the module according to the control results in order to prevent any errors.

Quality Control Planning

The control tables in the module allow companies to centrally manage the data obtained during the quality control process. The control method, control characteristics, control degrees, dynamic changes, and error categories contained in the system can record the data obtained before confirmation or during a process. In addition, the quality assurance-related material information transferred to quality planning is managed in the material master data.

Control Process

In the Quality Management module, the purchase-based control process is triggered by the material stock receipt. Quality control records taken from the quality plans and material base data during the inventory receipt are determined by the approval of the material. Materials that are not approved by the quality control process are kept separately in the Inventory Management module, and generally cannot be issued for different processes (e.g. production, sales, etc.) in the caniasERP modules.

Furthermore, the controls of the production processes can be defined as controls before or after production, or as periodic operations controls. In addition to the material quality control, the performance values of the operations performed in the work centers can also be recorded by being subject to measurements.

Quality Control

In the Quality Management module, the type and frequency of control are managed by the control panel. Information on the necessity of the control is obtained from basic data on quality assurance, which is recorded in material master data. Several control characteristics can be assigned to control plans by experts. The quality control process of a material can be planned with control characteristics. In addition, a quality control process can be initiated and managed with dynamic configurations to ensure quality control on order or batch basis. In addition, sample levels can be determined according to the results of past control over the system. The final stock status of the material in the quality stock due to purchase is determined at the end of the control process. The materials whose quality results are accepted are put into the available stock state. The materials whose results are not accepted are transferred to the blocked stock in the inventory management, and then can be scrapped or returned to the vendor. In the process of production control, materials with accepted results are taken to the next operation or to the available stock. For the materials whose results are not accepted, a waste or reprocessing decision can be made.

Connection Wıth Measurement Devices

The module provides successful integration with technically available measuring devices. During the control process, both qualifier (Yes or No) and variable (Measurement Values) results can be recorded using a connected measuring tool. With the measuring device, the control characteristics determined for the material are measured and recorded in the system in real-time.

Data Reporting And Analysis

Quality Management module allows the reporting of measured values and many associated data during quality control. Many reports and graphics in the standard quality control systems are available. In addition, 'Regulatory Activities' can be defined after the measurement values, '4D / 8D', 'FMEA', 'Nonconformity' reports can be presented and 'Error Analysis' can be performed.
Finally, 'Vendor Assessment Analysis' can be performed by combining the quality control results with the purchase order and invoice data.


All caniasERP modules are fully integrated into the overall system. Since all data is managed centrally, control data is provided in the quality control screen that opens automatically during material receipt with the Inventory Management module. As a result of the integration with the Production Management module, the control data of the product and the work center can be created at the pre-production or post-production approval stage or during production. In addition, with the integration of the Document Management module in the quality processes, it is possible to access the relevant documents. With integration to Purchase Management and Invoice Control modules, 'Vendor Evaluation Analysis' can be done.

Features Overview

  • Centralized quality plans
  • Material quality control
  • Production Process Control
  • Work Center Performance Analysis
  • Dynamic sample plans (ISO 2859-1 / DIN 40080)
  • Detailed graphical analysis
  • 4D / 8D reports
  • FMEA, CAPA documents
  • Vendor evaluation analysis
  • Measurement device integration

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