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Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management (WMS) module saves companies time by automatically managing warehouse movements. With this module, which helps the user to process all material movements, companies can see an overview of all warehouse locations and warehouse locations.  This makes it possible to automatically calculate the ideal source location and the most suitable target location. In case of irregular (chaotic) storage, regular structures can be created with system components; Company-specific requirements can be taken into consideration, and the time is saved when the goods enter the warehouse / withdraw from the warehouse. The integration of the module with the other modules in the system enables more efficient logistics workflows.

Order in disorganized warehouses

All warehouses owned by the enterprises are created in detail in the module. The user knows precisely which materials are present in which warehouse/stock place and in what quantity. The module helps the user to make the most efficient use of all warehouse/stock places addresses and to manage material stocks in multiple warehouses/stock places.

Initialization of stock movements

Physical stock movements in warehouses can be triggered by a document from another module in the system. The following processes can be done practically: Delivery of goods after a purchase order through the Purchase Management module (Goods receipt), delivery for a delivery note created in the Sales Management module (Goods issue), delivery of the materials required for a production order created in the Production Management module to the production supply area (Good transfer) or placing goods in the warehouse in accordance with a production order (Goods receipt).

During the processing of warehouse orders, warehouse management information such as dimensions, weights, warehouse groups and condition groups in the Base Data Management module are used. The Inventory Management module also provides an infrastructure for known routine work on the Warehouse Management module.

Automatic warehouse orders

The automation implemented in the module, in combination with the Production Management module, provide significant advantages for companies in facilitating production workflows. When a business transaction is performed, the relevant processes are activated in the Warehouse Management module. Goods receipts that follow a purchase order are first registered in the warehouse/stock place defined as the collection area. Here, the Warehouse Management module automatically generates a placement order to store the goods in a final warehouse/stock place. Thus, the goods delivered by the suppliers or manufactured within the company are guaranteed to be placed quickly and easily in the warehouse.

In the module, when customer orders are processed, and delivery notes are recorded, automatic collection orders can be created, and the goods can be moved out of the warehouse and moved to a collection area. Similarly, the collection orders initiated and the raw materials to be used in production are guaranteed to be in the right place at the right time. The system also creates a list of recommendations based on the created placement/collection orders. This list contains a user-configurable sequence for the appropriate warehouse / stock place addresses.

Processing with comprehensive measurements

The system recommends warehouses/stock places for goods receipt and issue. Based on the criteria recorded specifically for the orders, the most suitable alternatives, with the most ideal for the storage location to be managed first, are listed. The decision on which of the suggestions on the list will be applied is at the discretion of the responsible warehouse manager. The criteria can be customized and will usually relate to the following topics:

  • Distance (Shortest distance)
  • Empty/full storage location preference for entry to or from the warehouse
  • Only one product allowance for each warehouse location
  • FIFO principle or similar methods
  • Customizations for prioritizing warehouse spaces (Configurable by the users)

In addition, warehouse related condition groups such as 'Cold Storage', 'Hazardous Substance Storage' or 'Small Parts Storage' can be created on the module. Thus, all requirements for the proper storage of special materials are fulfilled. If a collection/placement proposal is to be applied in the list, the physical goods movement is carried out by the warehouse employee and the operation is notified to the system. The notification process can be done via a fixed computer workstation or via a mobile device.

Mobile use

With the help of the Mobile Warehouse Management application and using mobile data entry devices (MDE), collection and placement orders can be processed independently, and the stock movements can be recorded. This data is transferred to the Inventory Management module and Warehouse Management module in real time. This feature greatly contributes to the consistency of the system. The use of barcode readers allows remote control of delivery note or purchase order numbers and allows recording of goods issue/receipt or material stock transfer. Here, the data contained in the respective barcode can be easily configured by the user. With a direct connection to the system, the status of the collection process is continuously monitored, and the available stock can be viewed whenever desired. Thus, an instant view of deliverability can be accessed. Through this solution, the user can always be active in the warehouse and can manage goods movements in a very easy way.


The Warehouse Management module is fully integrated into the system. Therefore, all data related to warehouse management is always kept up to date. Through integration with modules such as Purchase Management, Sales Management, Production Management, all physical goods movements and their associated processes are automatically initiated and processed using the information stored in the Base Data Management module. The results of the collection or placement operations are tracked through the Inventory Management module. In addition, the integrated capacity control in the module guarantees the most efficient use of all storage locations.

The module also provides information on the movement of goods, such as the upcoming sales order, the production order to be completed, and the delivery order to be completed and optimizes efficiency in the warehouse.

Features overview

  • The ability to observe all of the orders at any time through the receipts to the warehouse, issues from the warehouse, and transfers.
  • Storage condition (e.g. cold storage) definitions for warehouse management
  • Recommendations for warehouse addresses based on saved customizable criteria
  • Works with mobile devices
  • Capacity limitations (volume, weight, unit) consideration
  • Warehouse capacity optimization (Preventing waste at warehouse addresses)
  • Strong integration with the Inventory Management module
  • Detailed authorization and approval mechanism

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