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Survey Management

The caniasERP Survey Management (SVM) module allows customer surveys to be conducted both manually and through electronic systems.

Thus, all the survey forms can be created in the system. Alternative ways of answering and different weighting criteria can be defined, and open-ended questions can be added and edited. Customer surveys can be assigned, applied and evaluated for specific participants. The analysis of the answers can also be displayed graphically. In addition, results regarding customers can be obtained by establishing a connection with address data.

Create a Survey

With this transaction included in the Survey Management module, surveys can be created in page and question structure. It is possible to determine whether these fields will be visible in the survey output by adding the survey title and logo to the survey. The start and end time of the survey and the maximum number of people to answer the survey can be added. It is possible to set whether the survey can be answered by the same person only once or multiple times. If the survey questions are entered as a score, it is possible to show the total score of the survey. Language options are available for the survey and the surveys can be translated into different languages after they are created.

Any number of pages and any number of questions can be added to each page. Page skip conditions can be added. Single selection, multiple choice, open-ended question types can be added to the questionnaire, and answers can be displayed horizontally or vertically. If it is necessary to answer the questions, it can be ensured that the participants cannot continue without answering the question. If the answers to the questions are not sufficient, the participants can be provided to write their own answer with the ‘other’ option. Quick options feature can be used for standard answers such as Yes / No, Days of the Week, Positive / Negative.

Survey Transaction And Analysis

With this transaction included in the survey management module, survey questions can be answered and the answers given can be analyzed. Survey results can be analyzed by questions or by users. Information about the total respondents of the questionnaire is also included in the analysis. The responses given by the participants according to the options for each survey question can be displayed both graphically and as a percentage.

Features Overview

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Answer Options
  • Maximum Number of Replies Setting
  • Title and Logo Visibility Setting in the Survey Output
  • Skip Page Options
  • Survey Total Score Display
  • Single Horizontal and Vertical, Multiple Horizontal and Vertical, Open-ended Question Types
  • Answer Requirement Setting
  • Entering Own Responses with the Other Option
  • Add Quick Selection Feature
  • Graphical representation of survey responses 
  • Survey total response numbers analysis
  • Percentage and graphical display of participant responses according to question options 
  • Analysis of results according to users

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