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Self Service Management

The caniasERP Self Service Management (SSM) module is designed for employees and managers to use transaction such as personnel data, payrolls, leaves, installment debts, advances, overtime, performance result display, training requests, training exams and surveys, project applications under a compact service. Which rights can be used depending on the transaction to be used can also be managed by a separate transaction.

Self Service Rights

Self-Service authorizations can be set based on the self-service transaction to be used for the employee or manager and according to the desired transactions. Authorizations can be made separately based on the transaction and process for the employee's administrative manager, technical manager, project manager or reporting manager.

Self Service Transactions

The Self-Service Management module includes human resources transaction that allow the employee to perform their own operations on the system by themselves or by their manager. The list of self-service transaction in the module is as follows.

  • Registry Records 
  • Shifts 
  • Additional Payments and Deductions 
  • Leaves
  • Advances 
  • Installment Loans 
  • Payrolls 
  • Training Requests 
  • Training Exam and Survey 
  • Open Position Application 
  • Performance Result Display / Manager Target Entry Screen 
  • Staff Notifications

Most of the transactions in the list can be used as "Employee Self Service" and "Manager Self Service". Some transactions, on the other hand, can only be used as Employee Self Service since they do not have administrator self-service feature. (Open Position Application, Personnel Notifications, etc.) 

Considering the intensity of human resources users in companies, it is important for the sustainability of the daily work of the human resources department that the personnel or the manager can perform operations such as entering the leaves on the system, getting the payroll output, and entering training requests. With the Self-Service Management module, all of these processes can be easily managed.

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