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Personnel Management

caniasERP Personnel Management (HCM) module provides management of basic processes related to personnel such as personnel data, payroll, recruitment, organization management, administrative affairs, compensation calculation and shift planning.

Human resources users can design reports on the system and meet their own report needs. Thus, the human resources department can manage both operational and strategic processes efficiently on the system. Personnel Management module works fully integrated with the system.

Personnel management

In the personnel record card in the Personnel Management module, all operational and personal information of the personnel are kept on the basis of information groups. Some data are tracked on a date basis, so that the information of the personnel in different periods is also preserved on the system. Information groups on the registry card; organization, identity information, wage, bank, shifts, social insurance, private insurance, payments, enforcement files, disability status, family information, marital status, work experiences, education, foreign languages, reward-penalty information, assigned fixtures and similar titles can be listed. 

Fee changes in the module can be transferred to the registry cards collectively and with different calculation methods via the relevant application. Personnel shifts can be optimized and planned in the Shift Planning transaction and can be recorded in the registry cards. In administrative affairs transactions, item assignment processes can be made without accessing the registry card, and the food and service lists in the facilities can be followed. With the staff notification transaction, staff can convey their suggestions and complaints. With the personnel participation transaction, manual monitoring can be provided to workplaces without Personnel Attendance Control System.

Personnel turnover analysis can be prepared through the system. A more visual follow-up can be achieved with cockpit screens showing upcoming events and demographic data of the personnel. With the above-mentioned features, personal information can be tracked and used in other transaction, and thus the processes of human resources management can be managed quickly and easily.

Payroll management

Personnel payrolls are calculated quickly and easily in accordance with current legislationS, social security types and tax laws. Different payroll types can be created on the module, and more than one payroll can be calculated for the same period. On the payroll calculation screen, all entries that will affect the payroll of the personnel can be intervened on a single screen. With payment and deduction management, payments can be automatically flowed into payrolls or payments can be taken in collectively in CSV format. The information obtained from card reading systems can be imported in CSV format to create a payroll, and the permissions entered in the Rights transaction can be included in the scoreboard. Installment debts and advances can be recorded on the system, deductions can be automatically reflected in the payroll, deductions of the execution file defined in the registry card can be automatically transferred to the payroll.

Calculated payrolls can be sent to the staff by e-mail, various printouts such as wage statement and total payroll can be obtained, one of the most important payroll reports, sheet payroll and mandatory legal statements can be created quickly. Payment files can be created automatically according to the prepared bank branch formats over the calculated payrolls.

Calculated payrolls can be accounted according to the registration keys determined on the basis of personnel through the transaction in the system. According to the keys specified in the finance group value fields in the personnel registration card, automatic registration can be assigned to different accounts even while performing transactions for the same registration key. In the accounting slips, the distribution can be provided according to the cost centers or projects specified on the scoring, as well as transfer can be made to cost centers or projects, which can be determined on a period basis for the personnel.

Organization management

Staff Definitions, Staff Requests, Organization Charts and Job Descriptions can be followed on the system. Any number of companies, facility and workplace personnel can be followed on caniasERP. Department, task and staff definitions can be made on the basis of company and / or facility and can be associated with registration cards.

In the staff definitions transaction; valid norm staff numbers, staff status, wage ranges, standard payments can be recorded. Personnel and vacancies in the staff can be listed. Valid for the relevant staff definition; Staff definitions of administrative, technical, project managers and reported managers can also be made on the system. Staff requests can be created in the system and submitted for approval.

Organization Charts can be created on the basis of facilities and validity dates, and can be followed as a tree or diagram. The managers in the registration card can be filled in from the organization chart created or from the manager information in the staff definitions. Different types of organization charts can be prepared on the system. The qualifications required for job descriptions, the trainings that candidates or employees should take, education information, foreign language knowledge, duties and responsibilities can be defined, and staff definitions can be associated with job descriptions.

Recruitment / Termination 

An important part of the Personnel Management module is that the recruitment and termination processes can be easily managed. Registration cards are kept in the system as ‘former personnel’ during the termination process. In case the employee resumes working in a future period, the information on the old registration card can be moved to the new card or continued with the old registration card, so that recruitment can be performed quickly. During the dismissal process, control is ensured for the inventory status and debt payments in open installments that are debited to the personnel. In addition, in case of dismissal, the remaining leave pay can be automatically reflected on the relevant payroll, and if any, severance and notice pay can be calculated and transferred to the payroll. Transfer between companies can be carried out with a single transaction and can be continued through the same registry card.
In personnel selection projects; project levels, costs, needs, announcements, applications, interviews and exams can be organized. The required personnel need for the project can be created from the staff definition or staff requests, announcements and costs can be recorded through the module. Transactions for the project can be created from employees, former personnel or via the CV bank, candidates can be replied to by mail or email, and their tests and exams can be tracked through the system.

With the CV (Resume) Bank transaction, detailed information such as general information, experiences, language information, education, trainings can be recorded, pictures and documents can be added to the CV, and proposals and decisions submitted to the candidate can be saved. Thus, a search can be made in the CV bank created according to the desired criteria. During the recruitment process, the information on the CV selected from the CV Bank can be automatically transferred to the registry card. It is also possible to transfer the CVs prepared in external environments to the system in XML format.

Report Wizard

The easy reporting of all processes subject to human resources is a very critical issue for companies. Daily, periodic or individual report needs take a lot of time for the human resources department employees and sometimes cause other users to be needed in report preparation processes. These processes can be easily managed with report design creation and reporting transaction in the Human Resources Management module. With the report wizard, reports in different report groups can be designed, recorded and run whenever needed. Search criteria used in reports can be recorded on user basis and reused in subsequent reports. Prepared reports can be taken in formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, txt.


Personnel Management module works in integration with various points of the ERP system. Payrolls calculated on the module can be accounted with a single click thanks to the integration of the Accounting Management module. While creating accounting records, distribution can be made on the basis of Cost Centers, Cost Objects or Projects. Again, the transfer of the calculated payrolls to the Concise Declaration can be performed easily on the system. Integration of Fixed Assets module is possible in debit transactions.

Registration cards and CV bank applications within the scope of Personnel Management work integrated with the Document Management module and the relevant documents can be followed in the system. In addition, it is possible to manage business processes in applications with the Business Process Management module.

Features overview

  • Organization Management
  • Personnel Management 
  • Recruitment Payroll Management 
  • Report Wizard

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