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There are different possibilities on how you can run Canias: one of the great ways to run Canias is to run it as a cloud version however you can also run it on-premises or as a private cloud. We are happy to support you in whichever way you find it the best for you to achieve the highest possible user satisfaction. We also highly suggest you considering the following questions when making the decision:

Which data and data volume do you want to collect, analyze and prepare?
How often do processes in your company change?
Which access options for end devices are required?

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In the current time of rapid change, you can stay agile and adapt at any time.


Mobility and networking makes it easy to perform at independent locations


We will find the solution together that fulfills all your individual needs.


We will make sure you have all the important security aspects of your choices

React to new conditions

Use Public Cloud

Cloud computing gives you the possibility of using Canias via Internet where you are device free and where it is quite easy to adjust everything for new conditions. You also have the advantage of high availability, flexibility, speed, and expertise of the providers without having to make large investments in hardware. If your needs change, the infrastructure can be scaled accordingly.

Add modules quickly and easily according to your requirements
Adapt your capacities to your current needs at any time"

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Implement individual Processes

Use Private Cloud

With a private cloud solution, individual, company-specific processes can be mapped very well. If you want to make individual adjustments, a private cloud environment makes sense. This also applies if, for example, you are working with data that provides information about sensitive or business-critical situations and needs to be particularly secure.

Host your private cloud on company computers or through third parties
Benefit from a high degree of control, security and flexibility

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Canias individual and flexible

Use On Premise

If you want to rely on a classic server-based architecture, an on-premise solution is the right choice. A layered architecture allows the different layers - GUI, logic and data storage - to be separated from each other. On the basis of this structure, it is possible to control the software via the rich client, an HTML interface or the app and thus also be secure and mobile.

Use Canias also on Tablet and Smartphone
Remain flexible and individual at all times

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Complex projects in various industries makes us a strong partner for your industry 4.0 projects.

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Canias is a solution of the IAS. With our wealth of experience and the continuously developed technology we are an international and intersectoral acting service partner.

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